Your people matter, so we help you create leadership programs that count.

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We believe businesses, teams, individuals, and even families flourish when leaders enable those around them to achieve the extraordinary.

As leadership experts, we know what organizations want from their leadership programs: specific insights at every level that enable measurable change, practical skills that build leadership competency, and trusted support for company wide rollouts.

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    “I have worked with the individuals from Fine Points for over two decades, and it has been my great joy to partner with them. Their name perfectly describes their approach to what they do. They are an extraordinary group of highly reliable, detail-oriented, and client-centric professionals dedicated to making sure that your experience with the LPI®  is exceptional.”

    Jim Kouzes
    Jim Kouzes, Co-Author of The Leadership Challenge


    “I have worked with many suppliers over the years and Fine Points is one of the most customer-oriented companies I have ever worked with! It does not matter the circumstances, the time sensitivity, the personalized needs, you guys come through every time. I feel like we are your only customers…the service is that good!”

    David Richards
    David Richards, Intel Corporation

How We Inspire Leaders

Build Your Leadership Program With Fine Points

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    Custom Reports
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    Fine Points is the expert in small and large-scale program design and rollout.

    We help you create the right leadership development experiences for all levels of your organization.  Over the last 10 years our work has transformed the cultures of Fortune 500 companies.We created lasting impact in over 30,000 leaders.

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    We specialize in helping leaders increase their influence by changing key behaviors.

    Our approach is rooted in The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model, over 25 years of research, and responses from over 1.3 million participants.  This evidence-based path to developing leaders has proven that effective leadership is not about personality- it’s about behavior.

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    Active learning environment for groups of up to 25.

    We facilitate immersive group sessions addressing individual and organizational barriers that sustain positive change and growth.

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    Individual experiences designed to increase the frequency of key leadership behaviors.

    Our coaching accelerates behavioral change and is a customized, practical and insightful method complimenting personal and professional development work already in progress.

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    Take ownership of your leadership journey.

    Fine Points provides materials and experiences that help leaders direct their own personal growth via books, e-learning, team retreats and more.

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Who We Are

We are a team of people who whole-heartedly believe that our work matters

Tom Davis

Managing Partner

Tom Davis is a senior executive with 20 years experience as a CEO, leadership executive trainer and coach for Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. Tom lives in Colorado with his wife, Emily, and has seven children, including two adopted Russian daughters.

Amy Savage

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

I am Co-founder and Managing Partner of Fine Points. I place a strong value on transformation and growth, so I love my job of helping people develop as leaders! When I’m not working with my amazing team and awesome clients, I enjoy spending time with my family in the mountains of Colorado, where I live. On the weekends you can find me reading, cooking and enjoying nature. My passion is advocating for orphans and vulnerable children in Africa, where we adopted my son.

Joanna Sears

Office Manager

I am the Office Manager at Fine Points. I am married to my wonderful husband, Kyle, and we have a beautiful daughter, Evelyn. I enjoy singing on the praise team at my church, and swimming laps in my spare time!

Shannon Lavery

Administrative Assistant

I moved from Alabama to Ohio and found my dream job here at Fine Points. I work with a small group of amazing people and get to be part of helping others find the leader within them! I am a family girl, which is what brought me to Ohio. My favorite place to be is sitting on the beach listening to the waves crash in.

Tom Davis' Blog

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The Power of Positivity

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